Grandma’s Ashes’ unleash new video off upcoming album “This Too Shall Pass”

Parisian progressive alt-rock ladies GRANDMA’S ASHES’ reveal another stunning video clip taken from their upcoming debut album ‘This Too Shall Pass’ – due out on February 17th 2023 via Nice Prod. Soaked images and coming out topic are peppering an explosive heavy prog track.

Alternative and progressive rockers Grandma’s Ashes’ sounding sweeps a lot of clichés away to deliver something new and bold. Definitely inspired by the 90s grunge rock scene, their music is wavering between loudness and delicacy.
Their new video “Aside” – directed by Julien Matternich – stages a girl who is announcing her homosexuality to her family.
Water and heavy riffs spotlight violence and relief with aptness.
Say the band:

Written a few years after an eventful coming out, “Aside” is a real blend of violence ad thirst for freedom. It shows the combination of loneliness, relief and pride that comes from affirming a significant part of oneself, but also incomprehension when confronting a hostile family and world.

Grandma’s Ashes’ denut album “This Too Shall Pass” showcases the wild range of possibilities their ingenious musicianship offers. Short interludes – including some gripping technical vocals – come as bright breaths within a grim-minded compelling first album, all about resentment, desire, melancholy and resilience.

The band explain:

Everything is going to disappear, including this album, our music and ourselves. This is a way to express the finitude of materiality. It’s dark and disillusioned at the same time, it represents our attitude regarding adulthood.

“This Too Shall Pass” was recorded and ixed by Fred Lefranc (Pogo Car Crash Control, Toybloïd) and mastered by Fabian Tormin. Watch their video “Spring Harvest at this location.
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Cover di This too shall pass
Track Listing:
  1. Intro (A Mon Seul Désir)
  2. Cold Touch
  3. Aside
  4. Borderlands
  5. Interlude (Grow)
  6. Spring Harvest
  7. Cruel Nature
  8. Interlude (Melt)
  9. La Ronce
  10. Caffeine
  11. Cassandra
  12. Lost At Sea

As ispired by the current heavy psychedelic scene than by 90s alt-rock, Parisian trio Grandma’s Ashes stand out with powerful progressive riffage and sarcastic narrative lyrics.
Their self-released debut EP “The Fates” (2021) is a dazzling introduction to their bold sonic personality, showcasing complex saturated guitars and heavenly vocals. Incubus, Hole or Mars RED Sky seem to hang in a distant esoteric planet, where black humour is the official language.
Offbeat, brilliant and entertaining, the three-piece are real live performers. Their hazy sounding and impactful vocals easily create theatrical atmospheres. Freshly endorsed by Oranges Amplifiers, they are going to wreak havoc on stage for a while!
Grandma’s Ashes’ new album “This Too Shall Pass” arrives on February 17th 2023 via Nice Prod.

Line Up:

Eva Hagen: vocals, bass
Myriam El Moumni: guitar, backing vocals
Edith Seguier: drums, backing vocals

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